Yacht Management

Owning a yacht is supposed to be a pleasure, whether for private use or charter. Most of our owners live a certain distance from their yachts and therefore a locally based multilingual company assists greatly in alleviating the day to day arrangements, planning ;and bills associated with ownership .

Yacht Management is designed to assist both the captain and the owner, by offering a shore based support team to handle all aspects of running the yacht, leaving more time for the crew to handle the physical aspect of the day to day running of the yacht, and the owner more time to enjoy his investment.

It has been proven that managed yachts, are often able to complete more days cruising throughout the season, due to the support of a land-based team who can be used as back up when maintenance work needs doing quickly, or a berth needs to be found, or supplies in a foreign country need to be sourced.

Along with this we can also take control of the yacht`s accounts and administration, including all book keeping and any flag related issues regarding cruising itineraries etc. We also ensure that certification; surveys and insurance are kept up to date, along with crew qualifications.

“Power of Attorney” is required over the Yacht bank account, and we take responsibility for paying the crew, and suppliers (with prior approval ) We also handle all warranty issues and liaise directly with the yard for any warranty related issues. We ensure that the captain has a sensible cash float on board, which every yacht captain needs to ensure they are prepared and ready for guests at all times.

You should then find that you gain more days of cruising, or eventually charter resulting in more revenue against your costs at the end of the season.