Lefkada or Lefkas is a verdant and mountainous island which is part of the Ionian Islands. It is located between Corfu and Kefalonia. It has many beauties and attracts thousands of visitors every year but hopefully this beautiful island has kept its authenticity and its natural environment is still unspoiled. Many deserted sandy coves, long golden beaches and beautiful pebbled coastlines can be found all around the Ionain island of Lefkada. All the beaches are clean and have idyllic emerald, turquoise or deep blue waters. Some of them are surrounded by forests and others by impressive cliffs.

Suggested routes

  • Day 1: Lefkas – Vathy
    Day 2: Vathy – Ithaki
    Day 3: Ithaki – Fiskardo
    Day 4: Fiskardo – Vassiliki
    Day 5: Vassiliki – Nidri
    Day 6: Nidri – Varko
    Day 7: Varko – Lefkas
  • Day 1: Lefkas – Paleros
    Day 2: Paleros – Kalamos
    Day 3: Kalamos – Atokos
    Day 4: Atokos – Ithaki
    Day 5: Ithaki – Aghia Ephimia
    Day 6: Aghia Ephimia – Mikros Gialos
    Day 7: Mikros Gialos – Lefkas